Reinventing IT

We provide a centralised network that offers connectivity and IT services to a range of public and private sector companies and organisations.

Public Services

We work with a number of public sector organisations and currently offer connectivity to a range of schools, charities and local authorities.


Over 15 years experience working with schools and, more recently, Academies, we tailor every aspect of what we do to satisfy the needs of educational establishments.


AIT believe in a world of simplicity and encourage the use of technology readily. In our Vision we aim to deliver an infrastructure from the network to the support team that effortlessly “just works”. We have a strong IT direction and continue to mould IT delivery to ensure the most recent technologies are deployed and each user is getting the optimum service. AIT fully believe that we are at the forefront of modern IT delivery and strive to ensure we are continually ahead of everyone else. Its not only the technical abilities we possess but also the personalities of our diverse, friendly and motivated team that sets us apart.


AIT work with a range of Primary and Secondary Schools across, though not limited to the East Midlands region. AIT provide broadband connectivity, online security and web filtering to our schools and Academy Trusts. Our network provides schools with centralised connectivity, enabling links to be formed between schools and allowing for the sharing of data within an internal network. This means that there is a greater level of security and safety amongst connections as well as dedicated network monitoring and maintenance. Our around-the-clock network monitoring helps to ensure that any faults are fixed with minimal disruption to teaching and learning and often without any loss of connectivity within the school network.


We provide Primary Schools with a dedicated centralised network, which includes connectivity and application services; this has been hugely beneficial for those Primary Schools that do not have the scope or budget for a specialist ICT team or Network Manager. AIT’s network consultants work closely with Primary Schools to establish the most cost-efficient and convenient packages for all schools within the network.


Our dedicated, secure network is monitored 24/7 and provides schools with a safe internal network with centralised connectivity. AIT’s network consultants work closely with Network Managers to establish a bespoke package for broadband connectivity and IT services.


AIT believe in a new way of delivering services to the private sector. There is no longer a requirement for businesses to hold and run their own infrastructure. With the AIT approach, everything is held within our secure and 100% reliable infrastructure. Every aspect of the solution is tailored to the individual business requirements to ensure each time we are delivering what the business needs.