Plan: The school currently operates a single physical server on-site and hosts their own Active Directory Domain. The aim is to move their server to our central Data Centre, migrate the necessary data over to our servers and then connect all end devices to our domain. This is carried out in stages to provide maximized uptime:


After initial consultation with school a date is set to collect the physical server and temporarily house it inside our Data Centre. The school continues to operate as if the server was still on site, allowing us to ensure the link between them and the DC is capable of handling the increased traffic. Performance is monitored and adjusted as necessary.


Data migration begins; we begin writing Group Policies and creating user accounts inside our central domain ready for transition day.


After on-site testing is complete we set a date to move all end client devices over to our domain, technicians are based on site during this day to ensure that the transition is quick and problem free.


Stage 2 has been completed and a date for Stage 3 has been set, migration will be completed before the end of February 2017.