"AIT want to make sure technology never holds your business back"

Our exclusive business solution offers a way to store all of your data securely whilst being cost effective to your business. We migrate all of your physical servers and data into our sophisticated Data Centre so we can easily manage your data in a centralised manor whilst increasing the availability of them.


Maintaining and replacing on-site servers will no longer be required which can save around £8000 per server over four years which removes the added cost to your electricity bill equating to upwards of £788. Licensing for anti-virus, server and backups will no longer need to be additionally bought which will save £500 per annum.

By investing in this solution, there will always be a safety net in the form of a reliable backup and disaster recovery system since mistakes do happen. As AIT will be regulating this, there will no longer be a time-consuming process and migrating to the cloud will allow for business continuity.


Our solution enables your business to be highly flexible with scalability to support growth without a cost to performance. Our remote access solution also provides flexibility in the workplace since you can access your files from anywhere at any time because we believe that whether you are in a corporate presentation or sat at home, it should be always in, always available and always effortless.


IT is now an integral part of any business and with that, we will work with you to ensure that this process is smooth whilst making certain that the service we provide is perfectly suited to your business situation.

By using AIT, we will be proactively monitoring your systems along with providing only the best technical support so that any issues and concerns can be efficiently dealt with. For the purpose of not only meeting but exceeding your needs and requirements, you will have a dedicated account manager with whom you will be able to contact to raise any queries or questions.

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